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Kitty Fuller, What do you actually do?

The infamous question; What do you do? Aahh. Right. Stop. Deep Breath. Gauge my audience and then Respond. The answer used to be easy; I am a barista and I am studying for my Masters. Easy, clear and concise. But these days, I actually do not know how to articulate what I do? My most popular answer, sounds like this; I am a Lecturer of Fashion Illustration & Fashion Photography at the Rare School of Fashion. This will then normally be met with an Ooooooohhhh, to which I almost find myself apologetically blushing. Othertimes, I just say, I am an Artist. On a posh day, I like to play the academic card too. But what I really want to say is this;

Hello my name is Kitty Fuller, also known as Sarah, pending on when in my life we became accquainted. I am an Artist. I have always been really, bloody good at drawing since I was little. I loathed any type of physical education, hence sitting still for hours and creating wonderful pictures, that I would fill the page and get lost in, and this is how I got here. I am good at all art. I can paint, I can draw, I know my colour theory, I studied both art history & history of photography, I am competent at ceramics, I can sculpt, I have a double major in printmaking… Yes I am a creative. But my heart falls equally into a melting pot of both Art & Fashion. I call myself a Fashion Illustrator, because it represents clearly what I draw. But, I am actually an Artist of Fashion. I adore the world of art. I weep openly when I see a beautiful Egon Scheile painting or when stood, breathing in a portrait by the photographic genius, Diane Arbus. But then I also fall to my knees in great awe, when Gucci presents their next incredible collection or when Versace appropriates, once again, an original golden embellished tiger on an Italian shirt. I cannot cope. The more pattern and print there is, oozing from the catwalk; the greater the cinematic explosion inside my head, waking me up in the middle of the night with a new painting, that I must begin sketching immediately!

This is all actually true. I have bodies of work inside my head, which have yet to be sketched out, and that have been lodged in there for 5 or 6 or 7 years. It has taken me a long time to truly believe I can create these paintings, these vast bodies of work, because I have always been so aware of ‘not fitting in’. What I mean is, being pigeonholed in one creative genre. Am I a fashion illustrator? Or am I an artist? Or am I a painter? What is my title? But as I grow and develop as a creative, I now fully appreciate, that it is OK to feel like this. Which leads me onto today’s drawings & musings… Wallpaper. I am going to apply all of the above dialogue and create my own wallpaper, using my current fashion illustrations and push them into a new creative field. Being an Artist, can be very confusing at times, as we do not have a generic rulebook to follow. What I do know is this; Do what you love and do what makes you happy, and I bloody LOVE drawing all things fashion.


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16th September 2017

My new blog, is my new digital sketchbook

So I have been thinking of scrapping my website for a while now, and replacing it with a blog. I get it, that there are a million, billion blogs and vlogs out there, in the digital sea of social media, and to be seen, you have to be pretty darn special. So that is why I am pretending, inside my head, that this is a digital sketchbook instead. It takes off, all the pressure and lets me use the screen, like a page,to show my scribbles and sketches, which are always the foundations, to my next drawings/illustrations/paintings. If you are unfamiliar with the term sketchbook, let me explain; it is a book of sketches. It is a book which acts like the physical platform of your mind. It is a collective of tickets, ripped out paper, wallpaper and fabric swatches, mindless words, doodles, initial pen and ink mark making, magazine clippings, old polaroid photographs and ideas which make sense to only you. Sketchbooks are beautiful keepsakes, they are the original ‘media gallery’ in your phone, before the filters have been added, and without an ounce of editing. They show your vunerability as an artist. They are the unsung heroes of the creative world. So if any of my students, past or present are reading this, take heed. The process, the development of an idea, is always more enchanting to me, then the coveted final piece. So I hope I can convey this through my digital sketchbook/ blog.