Kitty Fuller, What do you actually do?

The infamous question; What do you do? Aahh. Right. Stop. Deep Breath. Gauge my audience and then Respond. The answer used to be easy; I am a barista and I am studying for my Masters. Easy, clear and concise. But these days, I actually do not know how to articulate what I do? My most popular answer, sounds like this; I am a Lecturer of Fashion Illustration & Fashion Photography at the Rare School of Fashion. This will then normally be met with an Ooooooohhhh, to which I almost find myself apologetically blushing. Othertimes, I just say, I am an Artist. On a posh day, I like to play the academic card too. But what I really want to say is this;

Hello my name is Kitty Fuller, also known as Sarah, pending on when in my life we became accquainted. I am an Artist. I have always been really, bloody good at drawing since I was little. I loathed any type of physical education, hence sitting still for hours and creating wonderful pictures, that I would fill the page and get lost in, and this is how I got here. I am good at all art. I can paint, I can draw, I know my colour theory, I studied both art history & history of photography, I am competent at ceramics, I can sculpt, I have a double major in printmaking… Yes I am a creative. But my heart falls equally into a melting pot of both Art & Fashion. I call myself a Fashion Illustrator, because it represents clearly what I draw. But, I am actually an Artist of Fashion. I adore the world of art. I weep openly when I see a beautiful Egon Scheile painting or when stood, breathing in a portrait by the photographic genius, Diane Arbus. But then I also fall to my knees in great awe, when Gucci presents their next incredible collection or when Versace appropriates, once again, an original golden embellished tiger on an Italian shirt. I cannot cope. The more pattern and print there is, oozing from the catwalk; the greater the cinematic explosion inside my head, waking me up in the middle of the night with a new painting, that I must begin sketching immediately!

This is all actually true. I have bodies of work inside my head, which have yet to be sketched out, and that have been lodged in there for 5 or 6 or 7 years. It has taken me a long time to truly believe I can create these paintings, these vast bodies of work, because I have always been so aware of ‘not fitting in’. What I mean is, being pigeonholed in one creative genre. Am I a fashion illustrator? Or am I an artist? Or am I a painter? What is my title? But as I grow and develop as a creative, I now fully appreciate, that it is OK to feel like this. Which leads me onto today’s drawings & musings… Wallpaper. I am going to apply all of the above dialogue and create my own wallpaper, using my current fashion illustrations and push them into a new creative field. Being an Artist, can be very confusing at times, as we do not have a generic rulebook to follow. What I do know is this; Do what you love and do what makes you happy, and I bloody LOVE drawing all things fashion.


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