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16th September 2017

My new blog, is my new digital sketchbook

So I have been thinking of scrapping my website for a while now, and replacing it with a blog. I get it, that there are a million, billion blogs and vlogs out there, in the digital sea of social media, and to be seen, you have to be pretty darn special. So that is why I am pretending, inside my head, that this is a digital sketchbook instead. It takes off, all the pressure and lets me use the screen, like a page,to show my scribbles and sketches, which are always the foundations, to my next drawings/illustrations/paintings. If you are unfamiliar with the term sketchbook, let me explain; it is a book of sketches. It is a book which acts like the physical platform of your mind. It is a collective of tickets, ripped out paper, wallpaper and fabric swatches, mindless words, doodles, initial pen and ink mark making, magazine clippings, old polaroid photographs and ideas which make sense to only you. Sketchbooks are beautiful keepsakes, they are the original ‘media gallery’ in your phone, before the filters have been added, and without an ounce of editing. They show your vunerability as an artist. They are the unsung heroes of the creative world. So if any of my students, past or present are reading this, take heed. The process, the development of an idea, is always more enchanting to me, then the coveted final piece. So I hope I can convey this through my digital sketchbook/ blog.

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16th September 2017

Fashion Illustration Class for Inspired Beginners

Have you ever fancied having a go at being a fashion illustrator? Or are you asking yourself; What actually is a fashion illustrator? If you would like a digital detox for couple of hours on a weekend and you are local to Liverpool, then I could possibly help you on this matter. I am holding a two hour workshop, for inspired and absolute beginners to sample, what this fashion illustration lark is all about. It is an opportunity to be creative, going back to basics with pencil and paper. It will be a very relaxed class, and anyone who likes drawing and fashion is very welcome. I will supply all the materials, in exchange for your company & £20 per person. It will be held in The Big Shed in Unit 51, (the cafe inside Baltic Creative/ 49 Jamaica Street). If this has raised your brow in anyway, please do email me at for further information & also to book your place.

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16th September 2017

Kitty Fuller is featured in this months #INSPO Magazine

Brand new issue of @hashtaginspomagazine #INSPO out right now! Go and get a copy of this gorgeous rose coloured edition… as there is an interview with ME in there! And some of my fashion illustrations
Thank you so much @kerryn_grady ⭐ #kittyfuller #fashionillustration #cryinggirlseries #INSPO #fashionmagazine #inspomagazine

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19th February 2017

Say hello to ‘Crying Girl Katsushika’


It’s been a while since my last post, but I am determined to get back to my blogging feed. Since Instagram has consumed my daily illustrations, I have felt something has been missing. That one snapshot on my insta feed, cannot tell the stories, behind my illustrations, but only show what is on my desk and in my immediate view, and I do love a good narrartive when it comes to my work. So today I return with a new piece, from my ever growing ‘Crying Girl’ Series. May I introduce you to my newest acrylic, offspring; ‘Crying Girl Katsushika’. She is a wonderful fusion of two great creatives. The first being, the Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai, who painted the highly recognisable artwork, from the Edo period (1615-1868), called, ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’, which has been appropriated in many repeated art forms, and now takes a new platform in my fashion practice. The second creative, is the British born, Sir Paul Smith, who is a British fashion designer and icon, with a reputation as the Mod Father of Fashion and classic mens tailoring. Those of you who know my work, will recognise, that I do love a coloured stripe or two, dividing an image with a strong, swathe of block colour. Mr Paul Smith also loves his stripes, and it is here, that I have decided to pay homage, to those stripes, breaking up the turbulent wave pattern in this Crying Girl’s world. Katsushika’s waves also reference the original Lichtenstein painting, Drowning Girl, which was the original artwork, to conceive this entire body of my work and prcatice. More to come on this weather beaten babe, very soon! XX

Great_Wave_off_Kanagawa    Paul Smith 1